What is Patience?

This is a big question for me.  It is one that is always a challenge for me.  In order to live a balanced, enjoyable healthy life, we must understand patience.  There is a season for everything.  A time to press forward, and a time to wait patiently.  If we are always pressing forward, we will miss opportunities that are right under our nose.  If we are always waiting, we will never take advantage of those opportunities.

As a recovering over driven perfectionist, I have a hard time knowing where the balance is between moving forward confidently and waiting patiently for doors to open.  I know there are times to wait and times to press forward… But how do I know the difference?
Somehow, in the depths of my heart I know that the difference is not so much my actions, but it is an attitude of the heart.  That is where we need to focus.  This attitude will then affect our actions.  But, it has to start with the heart.


What does patience look like? Here are some questions to ask yourself.
  • Peace & Calm – In difficult circumstances is my heart marked by restlessness or peace?
  • Confidence – Insecurity undermines patience.  It is impossible to wait if I don’t have confidence in a good outcome.
  • Trust – Ultimately I have to trust that things will work out for the best and there are opportunities for me.
  • Stillness – This is the opposite of striving… Am I able to practice stillness in my actions, heart and mind.
It takes effort discern the difference between impatience and patience in your life.  Life has seasons of difficulty and challenge.  To live with patience you must embrace the challenge and move forward at the right time.  Today, choose to have a heart filled with peace, calm, confidence, trust and stillness.

How have you come to understand patience in your life?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

– Brian