Resource – Podcast IPhone App

PodcastI continue to be amazed at the incredible tool that the smartphone is for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The power that we hold in our hand to connect with people, learn, work, and communicate is unbelievable.  Today I am going to highlight one of the IPhone Apps that I use the most, Podcast. (Now if you don’t use an IPhone, Stitcher is the same great tool available for all platforms.)
Our success in life is directly correlated to what we fill our head with.  If we choose to be filling our mind with encouragement and valuable information, we will move out of the crowd that spends their time mindlessly consuming whatever comes along.
This is why I love the Podcast App.  It gives you simple access to the vast resource of free Podcasts (Audio programs, kind of like radio shows) available on the internet.  AND, since our smartphone goes with us almost everywhere, we can listen to these programs during our spare time, while driving down the road or working in the garden.
The App allows you to subscribe to a Podcast and easily keep up with new episodes.  It even allows you to stop listening on one device (like your phone) and pick up where you left off on another device (like your IPad).
There are Podcasts available about anything.  Here are few of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite Podcasts?

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– Brian