Avoid The Social Media Trap and Make True Connections

Photo Credit - Paulo Octavio

Photo Credit – Paulo Octavio

There is one thing that is more important to your business success than the products you make, the services you provide, or your sales and marketing.  It is your connections.  The connections you make personally and the connections that your business makes.
We live in a society that is increasingly fragmented and disconnected.  The need for authentic connection is greater today than ever before.  Even with Facebook and other social media tools we find ourselves disconnected.  How can that be?
We know about what people are doing. We observe their activities on Facebook.  But do we truly connect with them or watch from a far.
You have probably had the following experience.  You “bump into” someone in the store that you haven’t seen in a long time.  They know what has been happening in your life, but you haven’t connected with them personally in years.  This is the world that we now live in.  We can have the illusion of connection.  But, what we really need is true connection.
You need connections for two reasons. One is for the health of your soul and the other is that connections increase opportunities.
It is only in significant connections that life takes on meaning and is filled with richness and value.  What good is it to have “success” and then have no one to share it with?
AND… Your success is tied to your connections.  The old adage of, “it is not what you know, but who you know,” is still true.  Connections open doors and opportunities that you would not find otherwise.

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Connections take hard work, but most of all they take initiative.  So make the commitment today to take the initiative and reach out to some existing connections and make some new ones.  And, when you do take the time to listen and value what is important to them.  You will find a great treasure!

What actions do you take to make true connections in your life?

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