Business Success Through Giving

Photo Credit - Nan Palmero

Photo Credit – Nan Palmero

We are bombarded every day with requests.  Somebody wants us to do something, help with something, or buy something.  Since we often feel overwhelmed, we have developed defense mechanisms that tune out these requests.  We pretend to listen, distract ourselves, change the subject or change the channel.  We all do this.  We all want someone to really care about us rather than just what we can do for them.
This opens a huge opportunity for small business owners.  “How is that?” you ask.  “I need customers to buy my products and services so that I can stay in business and support my family.”  Yes, I know that is true.  However, the path to the success you desire is not the one you think.  For years we have been trained that we succeed through marketing and selling that “asks people to buy our products.”  How would it feel if the tables were turned and people were asking to you to buy?
“That would be wonderful but that is impossible” you say.  Not only is it possible, but it is the only true way to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. By giving something away…  Not just anything or a “discount” off… But, actually giving something of value away, you show that you care about people, rather than just wanting something from them.  Now remember, you must be sincere.  People can sense a phony a million miles away.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@brianmininger” suffix=”#smallbiz”]In today’s noisy world, no one will buy from you unless you first get their attention.[/inlinetweet]

In today’s noisy world, no one will buy from you unless you first get their attention. But, how do you get their attention? First, you have to change your mindset from trying to get peoples attention by interrupting them with a sales message, to getting their attention by giving them something of value. Second, Once you have switched your mindset, you need to take action and actually give something away.

Here are 6 keys to business success through giving.

Pay attention to what is important to your customer – Picture in your mind who your ideal client is.  Then determine what is important to them and shape your free gift around their needs.
Give away something with high value, but low cost to you – Maybe it is a product that you can get at a really good price or maybe it is a piece of information.  In today’s digital age you can deliver valuable information automatically for free.
Share your knowledge – One of the most valuable things you can share is your knowledge.  You can share this through a blog, workshop, webinar, DVD, white paper, newsletter, YouTube Video, Podcast, Consultation, or ebook.  The possibilities are endless.
Give away with no strings attached – There is a time and place for coupons, but don’t substitute them for giving.  A gift must be free with no strings attached.
Don’t confuse free and paid – Keep a clear line between what is free and what is paid.  It is very easy to just give away your paid products and services in a random manner to try and win customers.  This allows people to take advantage of you and hurts your business.  Strategically decide what you are going to give away and stick to it.  If you give away something that you normally get paid for, make it a special offer for a specific time period.
Make it easy to buy from you – Once you have given people something of value, you will have their attention and trust.  They will look for ways to buy from you.  Make sure you clearly share with them how they can do that.  Don’t be pushy, just let them know the opportunities.  This can be done verbally or through printed materials and your website.
Taking this leap and changing your “marketing” is scary.  The fear that you will never sell anything again is very real.  But, if you have the courage to be part of the few that will push through this mental barrier, you will find incredible opportunities open up for you.


How have you had success through giving?

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– Brian