Who are you Following?

Photo Credit - Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Photo Credit – Pedro Ribeiro Simões

We are all following someone.  Who we follow will have a lot of bearing on our leadership and business. Also, We all need resources and encouragement to be successful.  I am amazed at that the wealth of opportunities the Internet has opened up for us to learn and grow as leaders and business owners.

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Here are a few leaders that have been significant in my life right now.  I read their blogs and have been impacted by their books.

Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt – Michael is the one who has inpired me to believe that my “voice” does need to be heard, that my life is a gift and I need to make it count, and that I can help people that no one else can help.  Then by modeling success through writing and speaking he has helped me to believe that it is possible for me to live this dream for my own life.
Kary OberbrunnerKary Oberbrunner – Kary has encouraged me that it is possible to move from my “Day Job to my Dream Job.”  Seeing him successfully make the transition and then share the story to help others has helped me believe it is possible for my own life.
Seth GodinSeth Godin – Seth has opened up a whole different approach to building a business and sharing the message of what you have to offer with the world.  His concepts of permission marketing and Tribe building are revolutionary and connect with my desire to help people.
Jeff GoinsJeff Goins – I never considered myself a writer.  I was not sure if I could even write on a regular basis for this blog.  Jeff has helped me improve my writing, but most of all believe that I could become a good writer.
Robert D SmithRobert D Smith – Robert challenged me to look at my life, determine what what most important to me and live every day with purpose.

I hope you find these leaders to be beneficial for your life and business.

What authors, leaders and resources are having an impact on your life right now?

Share with the community in the comments below.


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