Help! I Can't Find Any Good Employees!

Photo Credit - Brenda Gottsabend

Photo Credit – Brenda Gottsabend

There have been many times I have heard a business owner say, “I can’t find any good employees. “Have you ever made this statement? I think at one point or another, all of us get discouraged with finding quality people.
However, this is not an impossible task. There are many businesses that find quality people and build great teams every single day. So how do they do this? What are the strategies for finding quality team members? How do you motivate the team members you already have?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@brianmininger” suffix=”#smallbusiness #smallbiz”]The Secret to having great team members is growing yourself and your organization.[/inlinetweet]

Here are five strategies to build your team. We will talk about the hiring process in another post. Before you can work on the hiring process, you have to motivate the employees you already have and find good candidates to fill the positions you need in the future.

  1. Clearly define the position and what you need – It is impossible to find anything if you don’t know what you are looking for.  Sometimes employees under-perform because they are not a good fit for the position.  You want to get the right person in the right position.  As you work through this process, evaluate whether one of your current team members would be a better fit for your new position.
  2. Utilize your network to source potential team members – Connecting with your network can benefit you in many more ways than just providing new clients.  You can also find great team members.  When you get a candidate referral, you benefit from learning information that could be hidden in the interview process.
  3. Always be open to hiring quality people when they come along – Sometimes a great candidate comes across your path when you aren’t looking for anyone.  As a small business, opportunities to get top talent can be limited.  When you get this opportunity, evaluate whether this person could help your team.  If not, move on, but if they can help your team, see if you can make a plan to bring them on board.
  4. Clearly write out the advantages of working for your company – If you want top talent, you have to create a great place to work… AND you have to communicate that.  You can do this by putting a “Join our Team” page on your website and passing out the information to potential candidates.
  5. Grow Yourself as a Leader – people follow leaders that are ahead of them. I know finding team members can be difficult. But the number one thing you can do to get great people is to improve your self. John Maxwell calls this the law of the lid. The leaders effectiveness and organization will only grow to the ceiling of his or her leadership ability.

Blaming the current culture and market for poor team members doesn’t solve anything.  Take responsibility, grow yourself, develop a strategy, and build your team.

How do you find great team members?

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