The Small Business Manifesto Project

I am excited to announce a new video project that I am working on.  AND, I need your help.  I am hoping to create a video for the Small Business Manifesto that I have written in 2015.  This manifesto is a rallying call for those who believe that the revival of the small business can have a significant positive impact on our lives and communities.
I need your help.  I would like to feature as many small businesses and owners as possible in this video.  I just need pictures.  The pictures will scroll during most of the video as I read the manifesto in the background.  This is a great opportunity to promote your business at no cost to you.  All you have to do is help me out by sending me pictures.
Here are a few suggestions for the pictures.

  1. Pictures of your place of business or sign would be great.
  2. Pictures of your staff in action would be even better.
  3. Pictures of you in action would be phenomenal.

I can’t promise I will be able to use all the pictures.  If you have pictures you would like to submit, click on the button below to fill out the form. Then you will be sent instruction on how to submit your pictures.
Here is the introductory clip for the video that I recorded this past weekend.
I look forward to collaborating with you on this project.
Click Here to Submit Pictures

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