Simple Steps to Overcoming the "Overwhelmed Feeling"

Photo Credit - Uncle Ariel

Photo Credit – Uncle Ariel

Are their days that you feel overwhelmed?  Days when the demands push in from all sides.  Demands come from clients, employees, vendors, children and spouses.  Then, add to that, financial and business challenges, and the weight can be crushing.
We all face times when the struggle is great, the demands are intense, the obstacles huge, and hope is weak.  These times present you with tremendous opportunity.  You have the opportunity to grow stronger, develop new skills, gain influence with your team, open new doors for your business, and change the course of your life.  The only question is… How will you respond?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@brianmininger” suffix=”#smallbusiness”]How you respond in moments of struggle will define your leadership and open the pathway to success.[/inlinetweet]

Unfortunately we often respond to this question with a self-inflicted judgment of “Just get over it.”  We tell ourselves to “suck it up and move on.”  While the goal of moving on is admirable, suppressing our struggle and acting like it doesn’t exist, will never lead to victory.   We need to acknowledge our struggle and then take concrete action to to deal with our situation and the emotions that accompany it.
For years I dealt with feeling overwhelmed by just working harder.  This led to frustration with those around me who didn’t seem to be working hard enough.  It was not productive or beneficial to me, my business, my family or my team.  I had to learn a different way, and you can too.

Here are a few simple actions you can take when you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Stop – Take a moment to lift your head and step back from the situation.  I often like to take a short walk.
  • Prioritize – Often we are overwhelmed my things that are really not that important
  • Say No!You may be working to meet someone else’s expectation
  • Delegate – You may actually have to much work to do.  Give something to someone else.
  • Do Something Fun – Give your mind a break from the struggle and enjoy yourself.
  • Share with a friend – Keeping everything in just makes it worst.  We were made for relationship.
  • Journal – Write down your emotions thoughts and struggle.  Getting them on paper seems to relieve the pressure
  • Move Forward – Strength and courage will increase as you take small steps

Keep going! You can do this.  The world needs what only you can offer.  You make a difference with your life and your business.  However, you can’t do it all.  Use these simple steps to keep your work load in balance and your attitude positive.

What steps do you take to overcome overwhelmed feelings?

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  1. Greg Hyatt
    Greg Hyatt says:

    I just have to sit back and think about why I started this mission! What’s the importance of it and who provides me with the desire and power to move forward!

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