7 Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Have

The following is a guest post from Kate Erickson and John Lee Dumas of the top rated Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast.  Their 7 day a week interview based podcast is an incredible resource for any business owner.  I believe you will find this post extremely helpful and I encourage you to check out their podcast and “Set your business on Fire.”

John Lee DumasQuestion for you:

Have you ever stopped to think about the things successful entrepreneurs have in common?

After conducting over 700 interviews, I’ve noticed that there are several recurring themes – things that come up over and over again that contribute to the success of the entrepreneurs who share their journey on EntrepreneurOnFire.
In addition to being motivated, dedicated, passionate and focused – a few of the many attributes that help describe our mindset and our feelings towards our businesses – there are also multiple habits that help us take big steps forward in our business every single day. 
They are simple things, really. Just daily habits that, when practiced consistently, will help you succeed in your business.
I wanted to put them together for you today so you could have a sort of checklist – you know, just in case you’re looking to pick up a few good habits to help you along on your journey 😉
Here are the 7 Kate and I came up with that we hear about A LOT…
1. Don’t keep your email tab open (or your cell phone volume on) 
Distractions will undoubtedly hold you back, and both email and cell phones are perhaps the most distracting things in today’s social-centric culture.
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh yeah, let me just check real fast and see if that email came through…”, and then 30 minutes later you’re still in your email?
Practice putting aside specific times during your day when you will check email and/or your phone. Having them open/on and right next to you presents way too big of a temptation.
Remove the temptation, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget about them once you’re focused on the task at hand.
2. Prepare for the week ahead (or day, if you prefer)
Waking up in the morning and asking yourself, “What should I accomplish today?” probably isn’t the most productive (or efficient) way to start your day.
Asking this question inevitably leads to you wondering if a, b, or c should be first on your list, which is in-and-of-itself wasting time.
Imagine if at the beginning of the week (or even each night before you “shut down”) you plotted out the things you wanted to accomplish over the next week, or the next day. Not just a list, but priorities and timelines included.
I can guarantee that if you plan out your schedule, you will get a lot more done in a lot less time than if you leave it up to asking yourself, “What should I work on next?”
3. Celebrate the little successes
Too often we get wrapped up in the craziness of it all, and we forget to celebrate the little successes that we have each week, each month, each quarter and each year. I say “little successes” because the big ones might be harder to come by, and that’s what makes it tough to be an entrepreneur.
By making it a habit to celebrate the little successes, you’re allowing yourself to recognize progress, which is key for continued growth, motivation and inspiration. You’re only making it more difficult on yourself if you never acknowledge that you ARE making progress and you ARE doing things right.
Enjoy your journey.
4. Don’t stress the small stuff
As easy as it is to think that our lives and our businesses are the be-all end-all of the world, we/they really aren’t. It’s just a fact.
If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur, then you HAVE to be able to accept that you aren’t going to be able to figure everything out exactly when you want to. It’s stressful – we all know it. But remind yourself that you’re not (necessarily) here to save the world, and humans make mistakes.
Everything will be okay.
5. Throw fear (and frustration) to the wind
Two of the biggest road blocks in the life of an entrepreneur. Get rid of them!
Practice telling yourself that it’s not that scary when fear comes knocking.
Practice reminding yourself that frustration is only playing a game with you, and it wants to win real bad.
These are both things you can overcome if you make it a habit to refuse to let in.
6. FOCUS on the task at hand
FOCUS – you know I love this word, and it’s for good reason. Without focus, it’s quite possible we’ll never be taking a step forward, and being able to start and complete something – whether it be a huge project or a simple task – is integral to our success.
Next time you find yourself getting distracted, remind yourself that FOCUS is key: Follow One Course Until Success.
7. Ask for help
You don’t have all the answers, and that’s a GOOD THING. But, there are other people out there who do have an answer and who can help you move on to the next thing.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to those you know and ask for help. You’re an entrepreneur in a specific niche for a reason – you’re not supposed to know everything, so stop acting like you do! 
See? These habits aren’t out of the question; they’re very doable. They just require a mix of motivation, dedication, passion and focus for what you’re doing, and a little bit of practice. 
Practicing these simple habits can and will help you propel your business forward. So, how many of the 7 do you practice regularly? Hit reply and let us know!

~ Kate & John

What Habits Are Critical to Your Success?

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  1. Kate Erickson
    Kate Erickson says:

    Brian, thank you so much for the repost – we really appreciate it! It’s amazing what simple daily habits can do for both you personally and for the overall trajectory of your business. Some of these habits aren’t necessarily easy ones, but if being a successful entrepreneur was easy, then everyone would be doing it, right? 🙂 But again, that’s the point of making it a habit – if you can continue to recognize when you’re letting fear creep in, or when you’re losing focus, then it’s going to get easier and easier each time to pull yourself out of it. Thanks again!

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      Thanks for all that you and John do to encourage all of us to keep following through with good habits. Every time I listen to the podcast I am challenged to keep going.

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