Struggling to find Time For Your Social Media?

social-media-overwhelm2Social media is a great tool to help us connect with our clients and prospects.  It gives us the opportunity to connect with many different people at once.  The only problem is, that if done well, it still takes a lot of time.  When you are focused on running your business and getting your work done this can be a distraction.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@brianmininger” suffix=”#smallbusiness #socialmedia #twitter”]Social Media does not have to run your life.  You control it.  It does not control you.[/inlinetweet]


Here are 6 Strategies to maximize your available social media time.

  1. Have a Plan – It is critical to have a plan.  Think about what you want to accomplish on social media.  Then set goals for the number of posts you want to make, what types of posts you will create, and which social media platforms you are going to use.
  2. Schedule Social Media Time in Blocks – Don’t spend all day answering every notification and comment.  Plan out specific blocks of time to make your posts and respond to comments.
  3. Utililize Productivity Tools to Automate – There are many different tools to help you automate your social media work.  One of the best is HootSuite.  This free tool gives you a dashboard where you can view your different social media profiles in one place, respond to comments and interactions, post to multiple platforms at the same time, and schedule posts so that you can maintain your social media presence even when you are away from you computer.
  4. Take Advantage of “Down Time” – All of us end up with small blocks of time where we are waiting on something.  Use your smartphone to interact with your social media during this time.  These little snippets of time will add up.
  5. Delegate Certain Tasks – If you have team members you can give them specific responsibilities that lighten your load.  You can create content and then have someone else manage the distribution and interaction with your fans.
  6. Turn it Off – Don’t keep your social media and notifications on all the time.  Turn it off so you can focus on other things.  Otherwise you will feel like social media is running you, rather than the other way around.

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What Strategies Do You Use to Maximize Your Available Social Media Time?

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– Brian