7 Reasons Your Offline Business Needs a Blog

Photo Credit - xioubin low

Photo Credit – xioubin low

For most small offline business owners, the thought of creating a blog is at the least a foreign concept, and at most the scariest thing in the world.  They believe that a blog is for someone who wants to share a diary about themselves to people who have too much time on their hands.  Or, if they realize the benefit of having a blog, they don’t think there is anyway that they could write on a regular basis.
Here is the bottom line, blogs are moving from the fringes and becoming main stream.  They are one of the foremost ways that news and information is disseminated across the web.  People read them every day, either by clicking on a link in their Facebook feed or by Google searching for a solution to a problem.  Many times people don’t even realize that they are reading a blog.
I am 100% convinced that if you are going to succeed in selling your goods and services in a crowed and noisy marketplace, then you need to help people with their problems and establish yourself as an expert in the solution.  This is done through content / educational marketing.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is through a blog.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@brianmininger” suffix=””]To sell your goods and services in a crowded marketplace, establish yourself as an expert in the solution.[/inlinetweet]

Here are 7 reasons your Offline business needs a Blog

  • Helps Clarify Your Own Thinking – Writing helps you process your own thoughts.  As you write you will get clearer about your passions and the unique solutions you offer your clients
  • Gives Value to Your Clients – Blog post provide valuable information to your clients.  You can help them find the right product and service for their needs and make better buying decisions and solve their problems.
  • Shares Your Expertise on a Broad Scale – Rather than just sharing your expertise with one person at a time face to face, blogging allows you to multiply the effect and share with many people at one time. This establishes you as a trusted expert and builds trust
  • Multiplies Opportunities for Search engines to Find You – The more valuable content you create the more opportunities for the search engines to point people to your website.  Every blog post becomes a “web page” with unique keywords that the search engines can find.
  • Provides Content for Sharing in Social Media – If you are active on social media you need valuable content to share with your followers to keep them engaged.  There is nothing better than sharing content that you have created.  Then your content has the potential to be shared by your followers with their friends.
  • Keeps You “top of Mind” With Your Clients – Every business has a buying cycle. Therefore a prospect may find you at a time when they don’t need your product or service.  By building a relation ship with clients through blogging they will remember you when they are ready to buy.
  • You Can Share Posts with Clients Who Ask Questions Offline – Your blog becomes a resource library of answers to commonly asked questions.  When you and your staff are asked these questions you can point people to a readily available database.

I know getting a blog set-up and writing on a regular basis can be scary.  You can do it.  You have more to share than you realize.  I am here to help.  Remember, giving is the best marketing strategy.  Blogging gives value to your clients every time you post.

What is holding you back from starting a Blog?

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