22 Blog Ideas for Offline Businesses

Photo Credit - madame.furie

Photo Credit – madame.furie

If you have already launched a blog or are considering whether to start one, I am sure you have asked the #1 question.  That question is, “What do I write about?”
The hardest part of writing a blog is always deciding what to write about.  This is a very real struggle.  I face it too.  You don’t have to be paralyzed by this challenge.  I am going to show you how to always have plenty of ideas to write about.
The best way to overcome this struggle is to keep a list of blog ideas.  I do this in Evernote.  I have a notebook entitled “blogs”.  Whenever I think of a blog idea, I start a new note and make that idea the title.  I can do this from my computer or my smartphone if I am away from my desk. Then, when I am ready to write, I pick one of these notes and start writing.  This process works for me because I write in Evernote.  However, you could maintain a list of blog ideas in your note system of choice.
Once I started writing my blog, I found that ideas came to me at many different times.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember them later.  Therefore, having a system to record these ideas has been key to my success.
Sometimes, you need some ideas to help get you started.  The following list of possible subjects will help you get the creative juices flowing.

22 Blog Ideas for Offline Businesses

  1. Featured Employee
  2. Featured Product
  3. Compare Products
  4. How to Guide
  5. Client Success Story
  6. Local News
  7. Local Events
  8. Current Projects
  9. Encouragement
  10. Featured Service
  11. Teach Something
  12. Most Commonly Asked Questions
  13. National News & Events
  14. Buying Guide
  15. Share Your Experience
  16. Featured Resource
  17. Personal Story
  18. Recipe’s
  19. Weekend Project Idea
  20. Featured Supplier
  21. Featured Trade Partner
  22. New Product

Finally, always remember to write your headline and blog post to feature the benefits for your reader.  This is critical to bringing value to them.  If you write content that is valuable to your readers.  They will keep coming back and will share it with their friends.

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