My Prayer for Your Business Today

Photo Credit - Harley Pebley

Photo Credi – Harley Pebley

This morning as I sit at my computer to write, my goal is the same as it always is.  I want to empower, encourage and inspire small business owners, just like you.  I want to see the revival of you and your business in a way that blesses your life, your family and your community.

As I write these posts for you each week, I pray for you, your business and your family.  This morning I felt impressed to share that prayer with you.

Heavenly Father,
I pray that you would bless my readers and their businesses today.  
I pray that you would pour out your Spirit on them in abundance.
I pray that where they are discouraged they would be encouraged.
I pray that where they are fearful they would have courage
I pray that where they are weak they would gain strength
I pray that where they are uncertain they would find wisdom
I pray that where they have need they would receive help
I pray that where they are threatened they would find safety
I pray that any scarcity would be turned into abundance
More than anything I pray that you would bless them so that they can be a blessing to others.  I ask for an abundant blessing of wisdom, skill, relationships, finances, clients, influence, positive impact, connections, opportunities and vision.  AND, I pray that they would share out of the abundance they have received.
I pray that our lives, our families and our communities will be transformed for the better because of our positive impact.  May we do the things that matter, say “no” to the things that don’t and fulfill the destinies that you created us for.
We ask these things in Jesus name,

If this has been an encouragement to you, I ask that you “pay it forward” by praying this prayer for someone else. Running a small, local business is hard work and we need all the prayer we can get.
Finally, I have added a Prayer Request tab to my website.  If you need specific prayer for your business you can submit your request there.  It is completely confidential, but I promise that me and my family will pray for you.
Have a blessed day,
– Brian