Why Do You Want Increased Income?

DreamAs the results have come in from my small business survey 2014, I have been thinking about what small business owners have told me. The number one area where small business owners desire growth is in their income. I have the same desire myself.
As I thought back over the years, I realized that a desire for increased income was always tied to something more important in my life. For me right now, it is tied to the fact that I want more time flexibility to spend time together as a family and for us to be able to increase the amount of volunteer work we are able to do.
For more for me, it’s not just that I need more money, but it’s that I would like to have more time. The less time I have to spend making the money that we need, the more time I have available to invest in relationships and giving back.
So the question is, what would more income in 2015 mean to you and your family? Maybe you would like to travel, work less hours, or go on a missions trip. All of these things and more, can be made possible by increasing your personal income from your business.
So as we get ready for 2015, I want you to take a minute and dream a little. Don’t just think about the restraints of your current situation, but what would you really like to do in 2015 if you had increased income.

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 Consider what increased income could mean for…

  • Your time
  • Your relationships
  • Your family time
  • Your stress level
  • Your personal health
  • Your giving
  • Your influence

Here’s why this is important. Increasing your income is hard work. Not just because making money is hard work, but because every increase requires change. And, none of us like to change. Therefore, if you’re going to do the hard work, you are going to need to know why you are doing it.
I believe you can succeed.  Remember to keep an abundance mindset and surround yourself with those that lead you in the right direction.  I am committed to helping as many small business owners as possible succeed in 2015.  If you need any help just let me know.
So let’s work together as a community to inspire and encourage each other.

What is one thing that increasing your income would mean to you and your family this year?

Share your goal in the comments below.

I will get it started by sharing my goal.


  • Brian