Are you Making a "New Year's resolution"?

INew Yeart’s about the time of year that people start thinking about the New Year. Traditionally people set these things called “New Year’s resolutions”.
What about you?  Do you set “New Year’s Resolutions”?  If you do, have you succeeded in the past with your resolutions?
The statistics on the success of these resolutions are grim. Personally, I don’t usually set New Year’s resolutions,
However, this year I’ve been thinking about the new year a little bit differently.  I have been wondering if maybe I should set some “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Over this past year, I have found myself developing new habits that I feel are key for healthy success.
The other day I sat down and wrote out the habits that I have begun in the last year.  I feel like these are important for me to achieve healthy success in 2015 and beyond.  Next, I will be setting goals to improve each of those habits in 2015.
Maybe this means I will be setting “New Year’s Resolutions.”  However, my goal is not to come out of the gates with a burst of energy in the new year that fades as time goes by.  My goal is to transform my life.
At age 38 I am “re-inventing myself” from an “expert” in building houses to being an expert in building healthy businesses, lives and families.  I have spent a lot of time soul searching over the last year. I truly believe this is God’s calling for me over the next season of life.  However, I will not achieve my destiny if I do not experience a transformation of my life.  I cannot move forward and stay the same.  To move forward I must grow.

[Tweet “Nothing of significance is achieved without personal growth!”]

They say it takes 30 days of regular action to establish a habit in our lives. Therefore, rather than setting a New Year’s resolution to do something for a whole year, I’m going to set a goal to do something for 30 days. Then, when the 30 days are up, I will have a habit that will carry throughout 2015 and beyond.
It is easy to come out the gate blazing, it is much harder to stay the course. It is the habits and the actions we take every day that make up our lives.  At the end of lives, our legacy will be composed much more of the habits we practiced, than the exciting new years resolutions we set and failed to keep.

What habits are key to your success?

What habits do you want to develop in the new year?

Why do you want to develop those habits?

Here are some of my habits that I want to develop in 2015.

Share yours in the comments. I will get it started by sharing my mine.

– Brian

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  1. Brian Mininger
    Brian Mininger says:

    Here are the habits I want to continue and improve my consistency on in 2015
    Exercising four times a week
    Weekly one-on-one date nights with my wife.
    Evening family time before bed
    Write 500 words every morning.
    Read my Bible, pray and journal every morning
    Connecting with people and helping them connect with each other.

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