A Personal Note from Brian

Brian 2Good Morning, Small Business Revival Tribe!
I am excited about the next two weeks.  This week is Christmas and next week is the New Year.  Combined, these holidays make up a season of rest and relaxation that I am looking forward to.
We will be spending plenty of time with our immediate family and then making a trip to Pennsylvania to spend time with my extended family.
As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful.  Our family has, and continues to face, some significant challenges.  However, I am thankful that we can push the “Pause” button, focus on our family and friends, and celebrate the wonderful, life transforming, saving gift, we have received through Jesus.
Thank you so much for joining me this past year.  When I began this blog in August, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of Small Business owners, but I wasn’t even sure if I could write on a regular basis.  Your readership, support and encouragement has kept me going even when it was difficult.
I am excited about what is in store for BrianMininger.com and Small Business Revival in 2015.  Over the next two weeks I will not publish any new posts.  During these two weeks,  besides taking some time off with my family, I will be preparing for some big changes in the new year.
I believe these changes will help me better serve you, the small business owner.  And, I believe that together we will make significant strides to revive the small business and the small business owner in 2015.
Starting the first week of January I will begin sharing with you about the new changes that are coming.  I will give you a glimpse behind the scenes and reveal why I am making these changes.
I believe you will like the changes, but I want to hear from you.  As I roll things out in the new year, I will be asking for you feedback.  I am sure I won’t get everything perfect from the start.  However, with your help I am confident that together we can achieve great things.
Family 2Here’s one hint.  I will be launching out into a completely different medium. I believe this medium fits my skills and passions and allows this community to be more involved.
I hope you will come along for the journey.  Once again, thank you for you encouragement so far.
Together, I believe we can make 2015 a great year for Small Businesses… Including yours!
Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!
PS. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite community organization for the Give Back 2014 award