What is Your Dream for 2015?

Good morning Small Business Revival Tribe.  Like I told you back December, before I took a break from blogging, there are some big things coming in 2015.
Dream 2015I know it can get difficult down in the trenches running your business.  There clients to satisfy, regulations to deal with, employees to manage, and just when you think everything is going great something goes wrong.  Do you remember?  Back when you started your company… you had a dream.  Over time that dream gets clouded and covered up, but it is still there.  I would like to propose something! The key to rising above your daily challenges is to blow the dust off your dream!

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Dream again!  Imagine what you want your life and business to look like.  Then, start taking actions that will help you realize that dream.
I have been dreaming for myself and my business.  I am excited, because I know that the realization of my dreams will help you realize yours.  Together we are stronger than by ourselves.

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I have taken the last few weeks to evaluate where I want to go and what my dreams are for 2015.  I have dreams both personally and for my work. These two things are very intertwined.  My desire is to build a business that supports the needs of my family and allows us to be a blessing without “taking me away” from the family.
Personally, my #1 goal for 2015 is to build a business that allows our family to work together to accomplish something great. For my work, I want this year to be about inspiring a movement of Small Business Owners. This movement will be built upon small business owners, just like yourself, who believe that they can achieve great things through their lives and businesses.  I desire to see you experience personal and business revival. This revival will position you for success which will allow you to give back in a powerful way.
I desire to motivate, connect and help small businesses owners , realize their visions, passions, goals and dreams. Because I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that if this happens, our families, communities and nations will be transformed.
I don’t want to create content and resources just to promote my name. I want you to succeed. In order to realize that success, it’s time to not only build connections from me to you, but to also build connections between you to each other.
As I have considered how to best accomplish this, I have decided to invest my energies into building the Small Business Revival community.  I will give leadership to this community.  In order for me to give this leadership, I need to be able to communicate with you through mediums that fits my strengths.  For the last 5 months I have communicated through writing.  While I have learned to enjoy writing and am proud of my accomplishments (I never thought I could be a writer) I know that writing is not the medium that will allow me to do my best creative work.
Through the years I have always been more comfortable with auditory communication (In other words, “I love to talk.”).  I know that I do my best creative work, and therefore make the biggest positive impact, through one on one conversations, facilitating small groups and public speaking.  Therefore, In 2015 I will shift to utilizing mediums and tools that capitalize on these strengths.
I will be recording more video, teaching through webinars, facilitating online mastermind groups, AND… launching a podcast.  This shift will allow me to create more great content that resources and inspires you to break out from where you are stuck and experience revival in your life and business.
Podcast Cover 3Launching the Small Business Revival Podcast is the big one.  This will be the connection hub for the community.  For those that don’t know, a podcast is an Internet radio show. You will be able to subscribe and listen to these shows through iTunes, other smart phone apps, or directly on the web.
This podcast will share the stories of small business owners just like yourself.  You will be able to connect and learn from each others struggles and successes.   This podcast will launch later in January.  So stay tuned, I will be sharing more over the next few weeks.
I have written out the Small Business Manifesto.  This will be the guiding declaration for this movement. I will be publishing that written manifesto tomorrow. I hope to turn this Manifesto into a video sometime in the upcoming year.
You are a critical part of this movement.  I am well aware that I cannot do this myself.  Together we will rally those who believe that the revival of the small business in America, and around the world, can transform our lives, families and communities. But more about that tomorrow…

Right now my question for you is this: What is your dream for 2015? What will it take for you to accomplish it?

It is time to dream and inspire others to dream as well.