Simple Goal Setting

6108b580editWhy is it that we don’t set goals? We all know that goal-setting is critical to our success, but why do we still struggle to actually do the work of planning out those goals? We may think about our goals, but do we write them down and share them with others? 
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Today I want to talk about two simple things that make setting and pursuing goals successful.
1. Write it down: Unwritten goals are better than no goals, but not by much. Something happens when you commit it to paper. A world opens up that you never saw before.  When I write my goals down I do two things:

  • First, I write out yearly goals and long-term goals.
  • Second, I write out a monthly calendar with my goals for the next month outlined out.

By having my goals written out, I have something to refer to when I need to know where to focus my energy next.
2. Tell someone: If we keep our goals to ourselves it’s very easy to lack motivation to press forward when things get difficult. On the other hand, when we tell other people our goals, we are accountable for what we have said.   More importantly, when we share our goals with other people they can encourage and help us along the way.
Don’t make your goal-setting complicated and block yourself from getting started. Take these two simple steps and set your goals today, not tomorrow.  Even if you don’t achieve them, you will achieve more than if you don’t try.
Have a great day. Be successful, make a difference, and encourage someone else today.
Here’s your chance, write one of your goals in the comments below.

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