This Nation Needs Your Business

NationalOn Monday we talked about the personal benefits of owning your own business. Today, I’m going to talk about the benefits for those around you of owning a business.
My desire through the Small Business Revival podcast is to inspire a movement of those who believe that the revival of small business can transform our communities.
In order for this transformation to happen, your small business must benefit those around you. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can make that happen. Your impact is greater than you think.
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7 Benefits of Your Small Business to Your Community

  1. Great jobs – It is hard to beat the personal attention and connection that employees of small businesses receive.
  2. Time and financial flexibility for your family – Owning your own business gives you opportunities like nothing else to make your work fit the lifestyle that your family truly desires.
  3. Community involvement – As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to give back of your time, financial resources, etc. to impact the community around you.
  4. Skill development through mentor-ship – The skills you learned your business will enable you to mentor and help others.
  5. Unique products and services – Small businesses are able to provide niche products and services to smaller groups of people that are not served by larger companies.
  6. Economic growth – The revenue you generate fuel economic growth in your community through money spent locally and wages paid to employees.
  7. Innovation – as a small business owner you can create new things that benefit many many people.

Keep pressing forward. I know you can do it. The opportunities in front of you are great.
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What Benefit Would You Add to this List?

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