03: Losing Weight and Gaining Business w/ Chris Graham

Podcast cover TemplateToday’s Guest is Chris Graham of Augusta Free Press who is an online and offline news publisher and reporter. Chris Graham will mark his 20th year in the media industry in 2015. An award-winning journalist and editor, Chris has also hosted local TV news programs, a syndicated sports talk show and served as the play-by-play announcer for a two-time championship winning summer college baseball team.
A 1994 graduate of the University of Virginia, Chris is currently the editor of AugustaFreePress.com, a daily news source based in Waynesboro, Va., that provides readers with in-depth coverage of news, sports, politics and culture in Virginia.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure to set your mind on the work that is before you. Discipline yourself so that you don’t get side tracked and accomplish what needs to get done.
  • Be intentional about getting up and moving around every once in a while. Getting exercise helps you have more energy to go about your day.
  •  Make sure you are on top of your business. Know what is going on in your field, what others are doing, and not being afraid to borrow good ideas.
  • After losing over 100lbs Chris has more sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Make connections and then let them flourish. Get to know others. Those relationships may then turn into business relationships.
  • Key Tools: Create a time schedule and set small goals for the day. Also, set aside time to work on personal projects. Those projects could lead to future business opportunities.

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[Tweet “”Make connections and then let them flourish.” @AugFreePress @chrisgrahamAFP”]
[Tweet “”Don’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.” @AugFreePress @chrisgrahamAFP”]


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