The Simplified Office

I am excited to bring you this series from my wonderful wife Victoria Mininger of  You can’t have a great business if you are overwhelmed by the backoffice.  She has always helped me with this area of the business and now she is sharing her wisdom with you.  Enjoy!
– Brian
You might ask what a simplified office has to do with a simplified life.  Great question!
For our family, part of our journey to a simpler life is finding ways that our work does not take us away from our family.  We want to live life together, in all aspects.
For right now that means my husband is working hard to build his online business.  It allows him to work from home and home school our children.  Even though I currently work away from home, the goal is to one day be entrepreneurs together – not just me and him, but our whole family.
I know that is a dream for many of you too.  You have shared with me the desire to live a simpler life, debt free and without the confines of a 9-5 job.
However, there is still a need to earn an income for the family, which means many of you will be working to start up a small business to make that dream a reality.
But starting up a business can be daunting and overwhelming.  Where do you start? How do you find your “sweet spot”? What about the paperwork and back office systems?
Over the next few weeks I will be talking about some of these things, along with tips and helps to organize your home office.  I would love to hear your questions. What challenges do you face when it comes to simplifying your office? What is keeping you from launching into a small business? How can I help?  Feel free to comment or you can send me a message through the contact form at the top of the website.  I will be glad to share what I have learned over the years and tag team together to head you in the right direction.
Also, check out the Podcast Resource  each week specifically for the small business owner. Listen to great guests that have wonderful insight into the small business world and learning to balance life and family.
Keeping it Simple,