12: Managing the Mobile Service Business w/ Bryan Orr

EP. 12Today’s Guest is Bryan Orr who is host of the ‘WOW Small Business Podcast’ and owner and manager of a family owned HVAC company in Florida.
“Bryan Orr is the Co-Owner of Kalos Services Inc. an Orlando area HVAC contracting business as well as the Co-Founder of MentionTribe.com a social web startup. Bryan is the Father of 8 children and husband of a Jedi Princess. In his spare time Bryan doesn’t have spare time. Regarding hosting the WOW Small business podcast Bryan Orr said “WOW” and then fell asleep. Read More Here…

Key Takeaways

  • You must hire people for their integrity and character, but don’t rush the process. Allow them to reveal who they are through their conversation and actions.
  • “As much as you can productize your service, the better.”
  • Make sure your in a position where you can over-deliver and under-promise.
  • “You have to communicate as best as you can with your team and your customers that you are not selling ‘putting together furniture.’ Your selling trust.”
  • Trust is established when you deliver on what you said. If you want to build a brand that is going to last you must build others trust.
  • Make the right decisions right away. Make sure that you are hiring the right people.
  • “You HAVE to learn and know your numbers.”
  • “You HAVE to be willing to say no.”

Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “”You really have to hire people for their integrity and character. ” @bryanjorr”]
  • [Tweet “”As much as you can productize your service the better.” @bryanjorr”]
  • [Tweet “”You HAVE to be willing to say no.” @bryanjorr”]
  • [Tweet “”You have to learn and know your numbers.” @bryanjorr”]


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