16: Town Hall – What I Learned About Rebounding From Failure

Town HallIn today’s podcast I am going to share what I learned about myself… and the recovery process of overcoming failure.  I am going to dive into my own personal journey.  This is not easy for me, but I think it is important.  We don’t talk about failure, and therefore many people suffer in silence.
I believe that through sharing my story, others who are struggling can find hope.  Maybe that person is you.  Maybe that person is a friend or family member.  (If so share this with them)  I want you to know that you are not alone.
After my construction business failed in bankruptcy in 2009, I really struggled.  I was stuck in the failure and the past and unable to move forward.  I had to learn how to start over…  but I was a wreck.  Everything I had poured myself into, and all of my hopes and dreams were dashed.  My self confidence was shot, my “good name” ruined and I was depressed.
I wondered if anyone would ever need me and if I could ever make a positive contibution again.  I wondered if I could ever provide for my family.
These were dark days.  I tried to help small businesses then, but I wasn’t in any shape to be able to do that.

Looking back, These are the three things I did to get Unstuck.

  • I paid attention to what was going on inside of me emotionally
  • I shared with friends and family who were close to me
  • I started doing something productive.  (Almost by accident)

Doing something productive got me going in a forward motion… the worst thing was sitting at home, filling out applications, and collecting unemployment. For my own morale, I needed to contribute.
This past spring I had a similar experience… I had left my job to start my own business doing construction work, so that I could figure out my path.
Then I got hurt, and we lost our income for a month and a half and it was a slow road back.  During that time, I figured out that I wanted to help people and not continue in construction.  I tried to launch an organic farm ititiative, but was unsuccessful and I had to keep searching.   But this time, I got moving much faster, I went to work with a landscape company and built from there.
We all experience failure.  Don’t quit.  The sun comes up tomorrow.  Grow as a person.  Have courage and don’t give up on your dreams.
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[Tweet “Have courage and don’t give up on your dreams.” @brianmininger”]

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