25: Town Hall – You Were Created for More!

EP. 25On today’s Town Hall meeting I share some of my story as I learned to step out of my box and pursue my true calling. I will be sharing with you six steps to help you find your own personal calling. Whether you are living your calling or aren’t quite there yet, I believe that you were created for more.
“The revitalization of small business is also a revitalization of the family.  The integration of biblical principles in today’s business as well as today’s family is much needed.  Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.”  ~ Anthony Witt

 Biblical Entrepreneurship

 “Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you do not know if profit will come from one activity or another – or maybe both.”  ~Ecclesiastes 11:6

 In order for a business to be successful it is a good idea to have a business plan, but before that you need a life plan.  You need to understand what you were created to do.
  • Do you know what your life is to be about?
  • Do you know what you want your life to look like?
  • Do you know what your purpose and your calling is?
You need to build your business to serve the purposes and plans for your life, not the other way around. 

Six Steps to Finding Your Calling

  1. Understand what a “calling” is – It is the unique place in God’s purpose and plan of redeeming the world and showing His glory that your were created to fill.
  2. Embrace the Journey, not the destination.
  3. Take a deep look inside.
  4. Lean into the resistance. 
  5. Let go of something you are holding onto.
  6. Take action to move forward. If we aren’t moving forward, God can’t direct our steps.

Tweetable Quotes

  •  [Tweet “You need to build your business to serve the purposes and plans for your life, not the other way around. “]
  • [Tweet “Before you have a business plan you need to have a life plan.”]
  • [Tweet “Even if you are living your calling, you were created for more.”]
  • [Tweet “Embrace the Journey, not the destination.”]
  • [Tweet “Lean into the resistance.”]
  • [Tweet “If we aren’t moving forward God can’t direct our steps.”]


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