How to Listen to the Small Business Revival Podcast on iTunes

Do you want to listen to the Small Business Revival Podcast but aren’t quite sure how?
Well then here is the step-by-step process just for you!

  1. Go into the already installed iTunes Podcast app.


  1. You will be taken into the podcast “store.” From here click the search feature.


  1. Then proceed to search “Small Business Revival” in the search bar.


  1. Select SEARCH or click the option that comes up below. You will be taken to this page that features the individual episodes and the podcast page itself.


  1. Select the “Small Business Revival Podcast” at the top to be taken to the show page.

6. On this page there are a few different options for you to utilize. You can SUBSCRIBE to this show. This feature allows you to follow the “Small Business Revival’s” current episodes as they are uploaded each week. All you have to do is choose the Subscribe button and the show will show up in your “My Episodes.”

  1. You can Read and Write Reviews by selecting the “Reviews” option.


  1. You can also view other Podcasts generally related to the “Small Business Revival” by selecting the “Related” tab.


  1.  Back on the Show page you will see a list of the episodes at the bottom. To the side of each episode you will see a small cloud icon with an arrow. Select this if you would like to download a specific show to your phone to listen to offline. If it is not downloaded you will only be able to listen to the show when you are connected to the internet.


  1. Then, to listen to an episode simply select the show and it will start to play.

There you go! Now you can listen to the “Small Business Revival” wherever you go! If you have any questions about this process feel free to comment below or contact me and I would be glad to help!
~ Brian