Freedom From the Work Life Balancing Act

The honest truth is that there really is no work/life balance.  Try as you may, the scale always tips one way or another.  The solution is not to try harder, but to change your mindset.
As I interviewed over 50 small business owners on my Small Business Revival podcast, I asked them how they balance life and work.  The overall response was “It’s a struggle.”
I understand, it is a struggle for me too… especially as I have ventured back into the world of construction.
It is time to think differently.  Rather than trying to “balance” it is time to integrate.
It is time to integrate what is really important to us into a life that is satisfying and we can be proud of.  For most of us, the important areas of our life can be summarized by work, family, community, and self.
Rather than trying to balance these competing demands… seek out activities, work, projects, recreation, initiatives or rest that results in a “4-way” win.  In other words look for ways to do one thing that results in a win for all areas of your life.
Here is an example.  Volunteer with your family to work on a Habitat for Humanity Home…. You will meet new people (networking) which can benefit your work, you spend time with your family, you give back to your community, and you get some exercise which benefits your self.
The more integrated “4-way” wins you can incorporate into your life the more fulfilling life will be.
If you can’t achieve a “4-way” win, then go for a “2-way” win like taking a mid-day walk.  This improves your productivity at work in the afternoon and improves your physical health.
Now get out there and make it happen. Say no to one more activity in the balancing act and do something different.  I know you can do it.

  • Brian