24: Success in a Multi-Generational Business w/ Jessica Hall

EP. 24Today’s Guest is Jessica Hall of Harmony Harvest Farm.
“I am a stay at home mom working hard to make our family farm business successful. I select the flowers we grow, determine planting dates, plant the beds, harvest the flowers, arrange the flowers, invoice the flowers…. since it’s a small family business, we all wear a lot of hats around here!
     I have always had a love and interest in horticulture even as a child. In high school, I was a member of the FFA’s horticulture club and participated in horticulture design events (landscape design on a state level, and floral design on a national level). As a teenager, I worked for a landscape company and also a florist. I attended Virginia Tech and graduated with a degree in Horticulture and then spent the next six years working in horticulture distribution, designing greenhouses, consulting with growers, and providing technical assistance on greenhouses and chemical recommendations on crops. Due to that job, I served one year as chair on the North American Horticultural Suppliers Association (NAHSA). 
         Since we decided for me to become a stay at home mom in 2010, I began to devote more time to developing our dream of owning a farm. Due to the relationships I formed within the horticulture industry, I learned invaluable lessons from my former customers’ experiences and I applied this knowledge when formulating our business plan for Harmony Harvest.” 

Key Takeaways

  • “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.” ~ Ephesians 5:15
  • Meet with other people who specialize in your field to ask questions and get ideas from.
  • Maintain what you are aspiring to do. Make sure you AND your customers, walk away satisfied.
  • You want to make sure your customers come away from the service with what they came looking for. Whether it’s with your business or not.
  • “Communicating and educating go hand and hand with the marketing of your business.”
  • We have to stay educated and caught up with what the public is needing and wanting.
  • Let people feel that they are apart of your story strengthens your connections and relationships with your customers and partners.
  • Passion. You have to have a passion for what you are doing.
  • Social Media is a great way to publicize your business in this world today.
  • “Happiness is held in the seed, but happiness is shared in the flower” ~ John Hagreen
  • “Flower farmers just smell better.”


Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “”So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.” ~ Ephesians 5:15″]
  • [Tweet “Meet with other people who specialize in your field to ask questions and get ideas from. @harmonyhrvst”]
  • [Tweet “”Communicating and educating go hand and hand with the marketing of your business.” @harmonyhrvst”]
  • [Tweet “Let people feel that they are apart of your story. @harmonyhrvst”]
  • [Tweet “Passion. You have to have a passion for what you are doing. @harmonyhrvst”]
  • [Tweet “”Happiness is held in the seed, but happiness is shared in the flower” ~ John Hagreen”]
  • [Tweet “”Flower farmers just smell better.” @harmonyhrvst”]


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17: Raising Up the Next Generation w/ Dan Keiser

EP. 17Today’s Guest is Dan Keiser, architect of the Keiser Design Group located in Columbus Ohio. 
My desire to become an Architect began at age 10, when asked by a friend of the family, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Without hesitation, I said I want to be an Architect.  After experimenting with many Lego structures, I was accepted to study Architecture at Kent State University. 
Another childhood dream from an early age was to start my own firm, which was realized in 1995. I love what I do and cannot imagine ever having to get a real job and going to work every day. Along with running KDG, I am a husband and father of three children. Being a Husband and Father is what brings me joy and satisfaction, but in my spare time I enjoy coaching, golfing, running, hunting and fishing.” – Dan Keiser

Key Takeaways

  • Be focused on the individual. What are their ideas, dreams, perspectives, and thoughts?
  • Surround yourself with people that will elevate you and your company.
  • Invite interaction as you work on projects. Welcome comments and feedback.
  • Focus. Have a clear vision and direction of where your headed. It will make all the difference.
  • “It’s critical to treat people correctly, even if they don’t treat you correctly.” 
  • “If the dream is big enough the details really don’t matter.”

Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “”Surround yourself with people that will elevate you and your company.” @dankeiser “]
  • [Tweet “”Be focused on the individual. What are their ideas, dreams, perspectives, and thoughts?” @dankeiser”]
  • [Tweet “”It’s critical to treat people correctly, even if they don’t treat you correctly.” @dankeiser”]
  • [Tweet “”If the dream is big enough the details really don’t matter.” @dankeiser”]


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You Don't Have to Leave Your Family to Go to Work!

How is that possible you ask?

For years, I did not think it was possible either.  I, just like most Americans, had been programmed to believe that the only way to earn a living was to get up everyday and “leave for work.”
Therefore, I did what I knew to do… I got a job and went to work.  Then I started my own business and functioned very much the same way. My work expanded to fit the “allotted work week” and my expenses expanded to meet what I could earn in that period of time.  The result, was a stretched thin life with no margin that resulted in me responding “busy” to anyone that asked “How are you doing?”
Family Business
I bet you have been there.  Most of us still are there.  However, this is a recent phenomenon.  For most of the history of the world people did not function this way.  They and their families worked together in “family businesses.”  Then, the industrial revolution needed people to work in the factories…  Schools were structured to prepare people for factory work and our routine changed.
In yesterday’s podcast, Tommy and I talked about Family Business, Homeschooling, and lifestyle.  As Tommy put it, “The Family is under attack!”  I believe it is possible to get off the rat-race and live differently.  Our family has committed to living simply, and working together to earn our living.  This lifestyle will provide us the margin to invest time and money in the things that really matter to us…. our relationships and making a difference in our community.
Making this a reality is not easy… even for us.  We recently made the hard decision for Victoria to put in her notice at Liberty University.  She is transitioning to join me in the business and build her own business The Simplified Office.   These decisions are hard, we prayed a lot, had peace about the decision, and have a plan… but there is still fear.
What if the business doesn’t grow?  What if the revenue doesn’t come in?  Were we crazy?   We have asked all these questions… but at the end of the day, we just know that it is worth it.
It is possible for you too.  Maybe your discouraged.  I pray that today you will see a spark of possibility that motivates you to move toward a better future.  It isn’t easy… but it is possible.  Others have done it before.
If you know someone else who needs this encouragement, please forward them this message and share the episode on social media.
Here’s to your Success!

13: 'Keep it Simple Stupid:' The One Key to Your Success

EP. 13Today’s post is the presentation that I had the opportunity to share at the ‘The Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce UP 2015’ Conference. Charles Weathers wrote out some of his thoughts on this topic over on his blog at www.CharlesWeathers.com
UP Logo - final

Key Takeaways

  • “The Sweet Spot is the the intersection between your authentic self and what the market really wants”
  • Finding your sweet spot results in many different benefits that will lift up you and your business. You gain energy, you are able to create the lifestyle that you want through your business, your amount of customers increases, and you are able to invest in the relationships that are most important to you.
  •  “There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men.” ~ Lee Iacocca
  • In order to find your sweet spot you must thoroughly know and understand yourself by discovering aspects like your passions, skills & abilities, resources, lifestyle, and your legacy.
  • Not only must you know yourself, but you must also know your market. You must know who your market is, how to solve problems and create solutions, how to deliver your message, and how to connect with your followers.
  • “Keep going, even if your business ends, you wake up tomorrow to a world of incredible opportunity.”

Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “The Sweet Spot is the the intersection between your authentic self and what the market wants”]
  • [Tweet “”There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men.” ~ Lee Iacocca”]
  • [Tweet “”Keep going, even if your business ends, you wake up tomorrow to a world of opportunity.” “]


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02: The Power of a Soul on Fire w/ Kary Oberbrunner

Show 2 Cover

Today’s Guest is Kary Oberbrunner the author of the book Day Job to Dream Job: Practical Steps for Turning Your Passion into a Full-Time Gig. He left his day job to pursue his dream jobIgniting Souls. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. He is the founder of Redeem the Day, which serves the business community, and Igniting Souls, which serves the non-profit community. The author of several books, Kary also serves as a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team. He and his wife Kelly are blessed with 3 amazing children.

Key Takeaways

  • Our personal struggles do not define us. We can break free from those struggles and move into our destiny.
  • We need people in lives who will push us hard if we want to be successful. We need “truth tellers.”
  • Business fail because they are focused on themselves instead of making it all about the client.
  • Time, Team and Tools are key to breaking out of your Day Job so that you can move into your Dream Job.
  • You can’t sustain a high performing business or life if your body can’t handle the work load. Personal and Physical health is important.
  • Confusion repels, clarity attracts.
  • Market before you Manufacture
  • Get to know someone first before hiring them. Learn how they handle projects and different situations.
  • “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation. He simply pursues his vision of excellence and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself he always appears to be doing both.” ~ L. P. Jacks

Tweetable Quotes

[Tweet “”When you want to be liked, people are not going to hire you” @karyoberbrunner”]
[Tweet “”I don’t sell people, I serve people” @karyoberbrunner”]
[Tweet “”Confusion repels, Clarity attracts.” @karyoberbrunner”]
[Tweet “”Market before you manufacture.” @karyoberbrunner”]


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7 Personal Benefits of Owning a Business

BenefitsThis week we are going to dive into a brief series on the benefits of owning your own business. This is not only for those of you who have not yet started a business, but also to remind those of you that have a business about the incredible opportunity that you have.
Today, we are going to talk about personal benefits.  On Wednesday we will talk about benefits for you family, and on Friday we will talk about benefits for you community.
When I started my first business my main goal was to make more money. Now, that wasn’t a bad goal, but it was very limited and shortsighted.
First, there are a lot of other benefits to owning a business. Second, those benefits are actually more valuable than earning more money. Now don’t get me wrong, making money in business is key to all the other benefits, but it is not the only benefit.
[Tweet “Your business making money is key to all other benefits of a #smallbiz”]

Here are 7 Personal the Benefits of Owning a Business.

  1. Make more money. On average business owners make more money than their employee counterparts in the same industry.
  2. Greater flexibility and freedom. Yes, there are times you have to work late because no one else is there to do it, but you also don’t have to get permission to take vacation.
  3. Residual income. A business that operates even when you aren’t present enables you to get paid on days you don’t go to work.
  4. Tax savings. Owning a business allows you to expense certain things that you use anyway before paying taxes. As an employee, everything you spend comes after tax.
  5. Ability to pursue your passions. When you own your own business, you are able to customize what you do to fit your skills passions and abilities. You no longer have to fit yourself into the position that is your job.
  6. Increased influence. As a business owner you have the ability to influence a lot of people around your business… employees, suppliers, business partners, and colleagues.
  7. Personal growth. Owning a business will stretch you and force you to learn new things. You’ll be challenged in ways you never thought possible. It is only when we are challenged by difficult situations that we truly grow.

I know owning a business can be difficult. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t take your eyes off your goals. The benefits are great. Keep pressing forward.

What benefit of owning a business would you add to the list?

Share your thoughts in the comments

  • Brian

PS Don’t forget that the Small Business Revival Podcast is coming next week.  Click below for more info.
Podcast Cover 3

Help! What is the Purpose of My Life?

photo-1414604582943-2fd913b3cb17editOn Wednesday we talked about simple goal-setting. But how do you know what goals to set?
Your goals are driven by your personal vision.
Many people spend a great amount of time and effort on business and corporate visions, but don’t ever develop a personal vision.
I believe God created each of us for a specific purpose. He created us with the passions, skills, and abilities to fulfill that purpose. Looking deep within and discovering how you were made is key to developing a simple personal vision.
[Tweet ” Looking deep within and discovering how you were made is key to developing a simple personal vision.”]
A personal vision is what you desire your life to look like, and the impact you would like to have.
In July of 2014, after reading the book ‘20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now‘ by Robert D. Smith, I sat down and wrote out the following personal vision;


I want to rest in the love of my Heavenly Father, trusting Him completely to guide me, care for me and meet my needs. I want to live zealously, engaging with all the life experiences that God leads me through.  
I want to passionately love those around me, beginning with Victoria and the girls, and extending that to people that God brings into my life.  
I want to help people find their God-given destiny and shape it into their career.  Particularly those who are making a fresh start after significant life events; loss of job, business failure, bankruptcy, divorce, death of a loved one, move, etc.  
I want to help small business owners.  I know their struggles, understand their dreams, and know the incredible opportunity that they have to live their destiny.  They have the opportunity to make a difference in our communities.  I want to help them realize that potential and impact.  
I would love to do this through speaking, coaching/mentoring, writing, and pod-casting. To do this as a career would be my dream.  I would love to develop a farm, business incubator, online community, or other businesses that facilitate the opportunity to help people fulfill their dreams.

Over the last 7 months, I have seen these things start to become a reality.  I am getting ready to take one more step with the launch of the Small Business Revival Podcast.
Now that you know my personal vision, I have a question to ask. What is your personal vision?
Here are 9 questions to help you discover your personal vision:

  1. What is most important to you?
  2. What are your hobbies and passions?
  3. What work or activity gives you energy rather than drains your energy?
  4. How would you like to be remembered after you’re gone?
  5. What do people come to you for help with?
  6. What relationships are most important to you?
  7. What skills and experience do you have?
  8. What kind of lifestyle do you want?
  9. What is your personality type?

Take some time out of your busy day to sit in quiet and write out your personal vision. When you do, you’ll find greater clarity and purpose for your life. More than you ever imagined.
I know you will do great things.
What is your favorite hobby?
Share your thoughts in the comments

  • Brian

Simple Goal Setting

6108b580editWhy is it that we don’t set goals? We all know that goal-setting is critical to our success, but why do we still struggle to actually do the work of planning out those goals? We may think about our goals, but do we write them down and share them with others? 
[Tweet “There are a lot of great resources out there for goal-setting. But, Where do you start?”]
Today I want to talk about two simple things that make setting and pursuing goals successful.
1. Write it down: Unwritten goals are better than no goals, but not by much. Something happens when you commit it to paper. A world opens up that you never saw before.  When I write my goals down I do two things:

  • First, I write out yearly goals and long-term goals.
  • Second, I write out a monthly calendar with my goals for the next month outlined out.

By having my goals written out, I have something to refer to when I need to know where to focus my energy next.
2. Tell someone: If we keep our goals to ourselves it’s very easy to lack motivation to press forward when things get difficult. On the other hand, when we tell other people our goals, we are accountable for what we have said.   More importantly, when we share our goals with other people they can encourage and help us along the way.
Don’t make your goal-setting complicated and block yourself from getting started. Take these two simple steps and set your goals today, not tomorrow.  Even if you don’t achieve them, you will achieve more than if you don’t try.
Have a great day. Be successful, make a difference, and encourage someone else today.
Here’s your chance, write one of your goals in the comments below.

  • Brian

What is Your Dream for 2015?

Good morning Small Business Revival Tribe.  Like I told you back December, before I took a break from blogging, there are some big things coming in 2015.
Dream 2015I know it can get difficult down in the trenches running your business.  There clients to satisfy, regulations to deal with, employees to manage, and just when you think everything is going great something goes wrong.  Do you remember?  Back when you started your company… you had a dream.  Over time that dream gets clouded and covered up, but it is still there.  I would like to propose something! The key to rising above your daily challenges is to blow the dust off your dream!

[Tweet “The key to rising above your daily challenges is to blow the dust off your dream!”]

Dream again!  Imagine what you want your life and business to look like.  Then, start taking actions that will help you realize that dream.
I have been dreaming for myself and my business.  I am excited, because I know that the realization of my dreams will help you realize yours.  Together we are stronger than by ourselves.

[Tweet “Together we are stronger than by ourselves.”]

I have taken the last few weeks to evaluate where I want to go and what my dreams are for 2015.  I have dreams both personally and for my work. These two things are very intertwined.  My desire is to build a business that supports the needs of my family and allows us to be a blessing without “taking me away” from the family.
Personally, my #1 goal for 2015 is to build a business that allows our family to work together to accomplish something great. For my work, I want this year to be about inspiring a movement of Small Business Owners. This movement will be built upon small business owners, just like yourself, who believe that they can achieve great things through their lives and businesses.  I desire to see you experience personal and business revival. This revival will position you for success which will allow you to give back in a powerful way.
I desire to motivate, connect and help small businesses owners , realize their visions, passions, goals and dreams. Because I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that if this happens, our families, communities and nations will be transformed.
I don’t want to create content and resources just to promote my name. I want you to succeed. In order to realize that success, it’s time to not only build connections from me to you, but to also build connections between you to each other.
As I have considered how to best accomplish this, I have decided to invest my energies into building the Small Business Revival community.  I will give leadership to this community.  In order for me to give this leadership, I need to be able to communicate with you through mediums that fits my strengths.  For the last 5 months I have communicated through writing.  While I have learned to enjoy writing and am proud of my accomplishments (I never thought I could be a writer) I know that writing is not the medium that will allow me to do my best creative work.
Through the years I have always been more comfortable with auditory communication (In other words, “I love to talk.”).  I know that I do my best creative work, and therefore make the biggest positive impact, through one on one conversations, facilitating small groups and public speaking.  Therefore, In 2015 I will shift to utilizing mediums and tools that capitalize on these strengths.
I will be recording more video, teaching through webinars, facilitating online mastermind groups, AND… launching a podcast.  This shift will allow me to create more great content that resources and inspires you to break out from where you are stuck and experience revival in your life and business.
Podcast Cover 3Launching the Small Business Revival Podcast is the big one.  This will be the connection hub for the community.  For those that don’t know, a podcast is an Internet radio show. You will be able to subscribe and listen to these shows through iTunes, other smart phone apps, or directly on the web.
This podcast will share the stories of small business owners just like yourself.  You will be able to connect and learn from each others struggles and successes.   This podcast will launch later in January.  So stay tuned, I will be sharing more over the next few weeks.
I have written out the Small Business Manifesto.  This will be the guiding declaration for this movement. I will be publishing that written manifesto tomorrow. I hope to turn this Manifesto into a video sometime in the upcoming year.
You are a critical part of this movement.  I am well aware that I cannot do this myself.  Together we will rally those who believe that the revival of the small business in America, and around the world, can transform our lives, families and communities. But more about that tomorrow…

Right now my question for you is this: What is your dream for 2015? What will it take for you to accomplish it?

It is time to dream and inspire others to dream as well.


A Personal Note from Brian

Brian 2Good Morning, Small Business Revival Tribe!
I am excited about the next two weeks.  This week is Christmas and next week is the New Year.  Combined, these holidays make up a season of rest and relaxation that I am looking forward to.
We will be spending plenty of time with our immediate family and then making a trip to Pennsylvania to spend time with my extended family.
As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful.  Our family has, and continues to face, some significant challenges.  However, I am thankful that we can push the “Pause” button, focus on our family and friends, and celebrate the wonderful, life transforming, saving gift, we have received through Jesus.
Thank you so much for joining me this past year.  When I began this blog in August, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of Small Business owners, but I wasn’t even sure if I could write on a regular basis.  Your readership, support and encouragement has kept me going even when it was difficult.
I am excited about what is in store for BrianMininger.com and Small Business Revival in 2015.  Over the next two weeks I will not publish any new posts.  During these two weeks,  besides taking some time off with my family, I will be preparing for some big changes in the new year.
I believe these changes will help me better serve you, the small business owner.  And, I believe that together we will make significant strides to revive the small business and the small business owner in 2015.
Starting the first week of January I will begin sharing with you about the new changes that are coming.  I will give you a glimpse behind the scenes and reveal why I am making these changes.
I believe you will like the changes, but I want to hear from you.  As I roll things out in the new year, I will be asking for you feedback.  I am sure I won’t get everything perfect from the start.  However, with your help I am confident that together we can achieve great things.
Family 2Here’s one hint.  I will be launching out into a completely different medium. I believe this medium fits my skills and passions and allows this community to be more involved.
I hope you will come along for the journey.  Once again, thank you for you encouragement so far.
Together, I believe we can make 2015 a great year for Small Businesses… Including yours!
Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!
PS. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite community organization for the Give Back 2014 award