19: Town Hall – Simplifying Life & Business w/ Victoria Mininger

EP. 19In today’s Town Hall meeting, we are doing something different.  My guest is, my beautiful wife, Victoria.  And, we are taking you “behind the scenes” to include you in some of our conversations about life, business and where we are going as a family.  Hopefully, you will be encouraged by our journey as ordinary people, making challenging decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Simplifying Life allows us to focus on what really matters.
  • Simplifying schedules involves our work as well as our family schedules.
  • Leaning into the discomfort helps you push through it.
  • To move into the best things, sometimes we have to let go of good things.
  • Our personal lives spill over and affect our businesses.
  • We need to run our business, not let our business run us.


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Simplified Office: The Basics {Series Post #1} – From Victoria

Simplified Office Series Post 1 w logoBack Office =The physical or virtual office in which the administrative work of a business is carried out.

Can we be honest and say that most people hate dealing with the back office portion of their business.
Part of the issue is that we often view back office work as only dealing with annoying administrative tasks, but the truth is, the back office is what runs your business.  
Think of it like this: The back office is the engine (the guts) to your car.  It is what makes the car run.  The better you take care of the engine, the better performing your car will be. [Tweet ” If you are fueling your back office with inattention and lack of care, guess how your business is going to run eventually? “]
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Time after time I have worked with clients who, for one reason or another, failed to tend to the engine of their business from the beginning.  What resulted, was wasted time and energy looking for needed information, that was not in the right place or useful at the right time.   The resulting mess required hours, weeks and sometimes months of clean up.
But that’s not what I want for you.  There is a way to run your back office simply and efficiently.  Ways that help build and fuel your business, instead of slowing killing it from the inside.
But I will warn you. It comes with hard work.   You have to be willing to be consistent and vigilant about the details.  (So if you’re not about the details, there may come a point where it is wiser to hire that detail oriented person – but that’s a later post).  Is your business worth that kind of time and attention?  I hope you think so.
Here are some first action steps (and questions to ask) to start simplifying your back office.

  • Make A Plan
    •  What is the current state of your back office? (Get gut level honest here – it’s important)
    • What does your ideal back office look like when it is running well?
    • What do you need to do to accomplish a well run back office?
    • Set a time to get started and then stick to that plan.
  •  Clean up your desk:
    • It can be difficult to get a handle on your back office if your desk is a mess.  Start by sorting the items on your desk; pens, paperclips, paper, books etc.Once you sort out the things on your desk, find a home for those items.  If the items are no longer needed, consider donating them to the thrift store if they are still in good condition.
  • Sort out the papers:
    • I realize you may be groaning over this one, but the papers will not go away on their own.  We must deal with ALL aspects of our business, including the paperwork.  Sort them by vendor, expense, banking, taxes, insurance, etc.
    • Once you have them sorted, determine if the paperwork needs immediate attention, filed in the current year files, or if they should be filed, boxed and stored.
  • Pace Yourself:
    • Remember – Your back office did not get this way overnight (often it creeps up on us slowly) therefore, you will not be able to fix it overnight.  Have patience with yourself and pace yourself.  Set aside an 1/2  hour a day to work on your back office, and over time these small steps will accumulate and make a huge difference.

This week I challenge you to take time to make a plan. Once you have the plan in place, set aside 1/2 hour (or more) each day and focus on cleaning up your desk and sorting out your papers.   Remember to pace yourself.  Progress will come if you remain consistent.
Next week we will begin to talk about key functions of the back office and how to successfully navigate these important aspects of your business.
Do you have specific challenge and/or question about your back office?  Feel free to submit them HERE and I will get back to you with my thoughts and possible solutions.
Keeping it Simple,

The Simplified Office

I am excited to bring you this series from my wonderful wife Victoria Mininger of SimplifiedLife.net.  You can’t have a great business if you are overwhelmed by the backoffice.  She has always helped me with this area of the business and now she is sharing her wisdom with you.  Enjoy!
– Brian
You might ask what a simplified office has to do with a simplified life.  Great question!
For our family, part of our journey to a simpler life is finding ways that our work does not take us away from our family.  We want to live life together, in all aspects.
For right now that means my husband is working hard to build his online business.  It allows him to work from home and home school our children.  Even though I currently work away from home, the goal is to one day be entrepreneurs together – not just me and him, but our whole family.
I know that is a dream for many of you too.  You have shared with me the desire to live a simpler life, debt free and without the confines of a 9-5 job.
However, there is still a need to earn an income for the family, which means many of you will be working to start up a small business to make that dream a reality.
But starting up a business can be daunting and overwhelming.  Where do you start? How do you find your “sweet spot”? What about the paperwork and back office systems?
Over the next few weeks I will be talking about some of these things, along with tips and helps to organize your home office.  I would love to hear your questions. What challenges do you face when it comes to simplifying your office? What is keeping you from launching into a small business? How can I help?  Feel free to comment or you can send me a message through the contact form at the top of the website.  I will be glad to share what I have learned over the years and tag team together to head you in the right direction.
Also, check out the Podcast Resource  each week specifically for the small business owner. Listen to great guests that have wonderful insight into the small business world and learning to balance life and family.
Keeping it Simple,