54: Small Business Revival Podcast – Final Episode

SummertimeLife is full of seasons.  The current season we are in, here in Central Virginia, is summertime.
I love summertime.  It is a season to relax, have fun, spend time with family & friends, and enjoy the outdoors. But, like every season, even good seasons, it is going to change…
Our lives are the same way.  Therefore, it is time for the season of my life as the host of the Small Business Revival Podcast to change.  It has been a great ride.  I look forward to hosting a new podcast in the future and I thank all of the guests and listeners who have made this show great.
Click on the link below to listen to the last episode for all the details.
I will be blogging here at this summer during my season of rest.  I .look forward to continuing to connect.  I will also be on
God Bless,

You Can't Manage Time!

I know you want your life to count and make an impact for the Kingdom of God!
Therefore, how you use your time matters.  We all have the same amount of time in every day.  Over the course of our lives, we don’t know exactly how much time we will have, and once we waste our time it is gone…
Daily we face the competing demands of those who would like to dictate how we spend our time… we try to balance all the things we want to do with our time… and we find ourselves spending time on things that do not really matter.
When we think about this struggle we inevitably come to the subject of time management.  For years I thought I could manage time.  I read books on this subject, I worked on my schedule… and yet I was still frustrated.
Then, I read a book that changed my thinking on this subject completely, “The Power of Full Engagement.”  This book challenged me to think about how I was managing my energy not my time.  You see, the legacy we leave and the impact we make with our lives is a result of the significant actions that we take.  
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These significant actions are a result of being fully engaged with a high level of energy.  Then… and only then do we take actions that get results.  Trying to maximize every minute of the day without being mindful of our energy levels is a dead end game. We just wear ourselves out and then we are not productive… we are just busy.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”  – Solomon (Prov. 17:22)

Here are 5 Ways to keep Your Energy Level High

  1. Fully Engage & Fully Disengage – Every elite athlete has times of intense exertion and times of complete rest.  We are only able to achieve this if we engage and disengage.  Therefore, focus on the people or task in front of you.   Eliminate distractions, and be “all in!”
  2. Exercise – Our mental energy for the work that we do is closely tied to the physical energy of our body.  So often, rather than taking care of our body, we abuse it.  Exercise, not only strengthens our body, but it allows us to think and clear our heads.  For me, exercise is like a mental “reset” button.  If I am getting discouraged or mentally struggling, Exercise is the quickest way to bring my mind back to a good place.
  3. Feed Your Mind –  Numerous studies have shown that we are not getting proper nutrition from our diets, even if we eat healthy food.  Through year of mass food production, the nutrients in the soil have been depleted and with it the nutrition content of our fruits and vegetables.  Therefore, we need to supplement our diet with nutrition.  I specifically supplement my diet with nutrition designed to give me energy and mental focus.  This has been life transforming for me.  I can now work through the afternoon without a mental crash.  You can learn more about the products I use by clicking here.
  4. Enjoy Life – Many times in our pursuit of our goals we forget to enjoy life.  Solomon said repeatedly in the book of Ecclesiastes that our toil (work) is meaningless unless we receive the gift of God to enjoy it.  When we enjoy our lives, we gain energy.  I have activities in my life that “energize me” even though they are hard work.  I know you have the same types of activities in your life.  Make sure they are a regular part of your life.
  5. Create Margin – Nothing is designed to operate long term at max capacity.  Whether it is your vehicle engine, stereo speakers, or the hard drive on your computer… these things will fail if they are operated long term at max capacity.  So why do we think we can max out our lives and not fail under the pressure?  Start creating space.  Don’t book your day full.   Practice the Sabbath.  Take time off to rest.  It is time to simplify and create margin in our lives.

The journey to freedom from the time management “rat race” begins with a mindset and focus shift.  From there we move into the hard work of changing our habits.  Don’t get discouraged, you can do this.  You will fall back, but keep moving forward.
You now have a choice… What are you going to do with what you have learned?  You can stay on the same frustrating track of trying to manage your time or you can take action to increase your energy.  I want to help you take action and change your life.  Therefore, I have included a short list of resources to help you maintain a high level of energy in your life.

  • Brian


  • “The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy not Time is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal.” – Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
  • AdvoCare Spark® is a unique multi-nutrient system that was developed as a nutritional source of energy and enhanced mental focus. It’s a sugar-free with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy that won’t overburden or over stimulate your body. This amazing product serves as an all-in-one solution that gives you a quick boost of energy that lasts for hours. (From the Advocare Website)
  • AdvoCare Slam® is a powerful, portable energy supplement in a tiny, two-ounce bottle. Its unique combination of energy-producing nutrients and support for neural processes makes it a perfect fit for the person on the go. Portions are easy to control with Slam, so you can drink the whole bottle or half if you prefer. It’s also quick and easy to consume in five amazing flavors. Slam is the perfect choice when quick, convenient results and sustained energy are a must. And unlike many other energy supplements you may find at retail stores, Slam actually tastes great! (From the Advocare Website)
  • The Book of Ecclesiastes by Solomon.  This book of the Bible is the wisdom and reflections on life of Solomon.  Solomon was one of the wealthiest men to every live.  His wisdom and influence was known far and wide, and he was sought out as a consultant by other kings and queens.
  • The Simplified Life.  Our lives are increasingly becoming more complicated and full everyday.  It takes intentional focus to simplify our lives and focus on what really matters

50: Podcast Show Update 2 & Our Saturday Small Business Journey

Good Morning!
On today’s podcast I give a little bit of an update on my thoughts for the podcast as we go forward.  And, I share with you about our Families Saturday journey through the small business landscape of Nelson County, Virginia.
We had an awesome day! It was so much fun and we saw some great places, and met some great people.  (I shared some videos along the way on Facebook)
Here are some of the places that we stopped.
The Batesville Market – Batesville, VA
Nelson Farmers Market – Nellysford, VA
North Garden Equestrian Center – North Garden, VA
Bonus 🙂
Sweet Streets Ice Cream Truck – Stuarts Draft, VA (My Friends New Business)
Family Businesses we purchased from…
Ula Tortilla – Nelson Co. VA
Double H Farm – Nelson Co. VA
Miller Bake Shoppe – Stuarts Draft, VA
I encourage you to take your own local small business journey… and let me know what great places that you find.

We found these at the farmers market

Entrance to the Nelson County Farmers Market on a beautiful day!

We had lunch at the Batesville Market in Batesville, VA


49: Small Business Revival Podcast Update

DSC_6691All of life has seasons…

For the last 3 1/2 months I have been in a season of working very hard to publish the Small Business Revival Podcast 3 times a week.
It is time for a season of rest, evaluation and reflection.  Therefore, over the next few weeks I am not going to publish the regular episodes.
Instead, I am going to share with you updates as I go on this journey.  These updates will be more impromptu and recorded on my iPhone as I have time.  I am also going to focus on investing energy in the needs of my family during this time of relocating.
Thank you so much for your listener-ship.  I truly appreciate your support.  During this season I would love to hear from you.  My desire is to serve you.  If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback on the show please email me by clicking here.

“For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
A time to search and a time to quit searching.
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
A time to tear and a time to mend.
A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace.”
Solomon  (Ecclesiates 3:1-8)

To get the complete update on the Small Business Revival Podcast, listen to today’s episode below.

46: Bootstrapping It w/ Vince Carter

EP. 46Today’s show is a rebroadcast of my appearance on the Vince Carter’s podcast, ‘Bootstrapping It.’
{Key Takeaway Notes taken from}

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes to move forward we have to move backward.
  • Lessons learned:
      1. Risk of leverage – This risk can be minimized by taking a cyclical instead of straight-line approach to growth
      2. Risk of not concentrating on core business
      3. Pay attention to being in the right place and the right market delivering the right thing
  • As a result of this experience, Brian is committed to bootstrapping his future business endeavors. His current focus is business consulting. His advice for aspiring bootstrappers looking to start a business:
  1. Find your passion (the right niche). Once you find that passion:
  2. Go after it. Be persistent!

 Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “Find your passion (the right niche). Go after it. Be Persistent!”]
  • [Tweet “Sometimes to move forward we have to move backward.”]
  • [Tweet “Pay attention to being in the right place and the right market delivering the right thing”]


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44: My Faith Journey w/ Chad Eddy of the Remember the Gospel Podcast

EP. 44Today’s rebroadcast is featuring my appearance on “Remember the Gospel” Podcast.

“Brian Mininger is an entrepreneur with a passion for the Gospel. With his podcast “Small Business Revival” and his blog at, he helps business owners understand Biblical Entrepreneurship.”
~Remember the Gospel

Key Takeaways

  • Figuring out our dream is like peeling off the layers.
  • As we get closer to who God has created us to be, our impact grows.
  •  Take your walking, breathing, living life and give it to God to use for the furthering of His kingdom. {Romans 12:1}
  • Earning a profit is a Godly pursuit, if you are using it to impact others.

Tweetable Quotes

  • [Tweet “Figuring out our dream is like peeling off the layers.”]
  • [Tweet “As we get closer to who God has created us to be, our impact grows.”]
  • [Tweet “Take your walking, breathing, living life and give it to God to use for the furthering of His kingdom. {Romans 12:1}”]
  • [Tweet “Earning a profit is a Godly pursuit, if you are using it to impact others.”]


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43: Faith in Action w/ Greg Hyatt of the WP-TNT Podcast

EP. 43Today’s show (and the next couple of shows) is going to be a little different. As most of you know my family and I are in the process of moving. In order to free up some time for myself but still give you all quality content I am going to be sharing multiple podcast shows that I have been featured on. For Today’s show I will be speaking over on Gregg Hyatt’s podcast WPTNT.

Is It Possible To Have Faith In Action In Your Business?

Absolutely.  On today’s episode, I was able to conduct an interview with Brian Mininger from and we share a wonderful time exploring how to incorporate faith-based values into your business model.
Listen in as I explore how Brian incorporates faith into his business model and how he go to where he is today as a successful business coach and consultant.  It’s all right here on WP TNT.
– See more on Greg Hyatt’s site

Key Takeaways

  • Really connecting with your clients is the key, it’s not just your faith.
  • Are we committed to serving our clients in such a way that we deliver more value than what they pay us?
  • It’s not so much about what we charge, it’s about what we deliver.
  • The key is building residual. It takes time, though, so you must also do things that pay today.
  • “If you desire a balance it’s going to be a struggle.”

  • Always talk about your schedule and go through it with your spouse. Honor their opinions and suggestions.

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  • [Tweet “It’s not so much about what we charge, it’s about what we deliver. @ghyatt_wpdev“]
  • [Tweet “Are we committed to serving our clients in such a way that we deliver more value than what they pay us? @ghyatt_wpdev“]
  • [Tweet “The key is building residual. It takes time, though, so you must also do things that pay today. @ghyatt_wpdev “]
  • [Tweet “If you desire a balance it’s going to be a struggle. @ghyatt_wpdev“]


Tear up the Score Card

Photo Credit - Munir Hamdan

Photo Credit – Munir Hamdan

Are you a highly competitive business owner and entrepreneur like myself?  Our competitive nature is what gives us an edge in business.  It motivates us to work hard, set goals, and strive for something more.
But that drive, which is one of our greatest strengths, can also be very destructive.
Here’s the problem.  Competition requires us to keep score.  This is very helpful for analyzing and managing our businesses…. But, when when we keep score on ourselves and our relationships, we have this dirty little tendency to only keep the negative score!
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Have you experienced this in your own life?  You get discouraged because the list, in your head, of your own failures is a mile long.  Or, maybe it goes this way, you start to get frustrated and angry with a friend for family member because of your list of disappointments.
A few months ago, I found myself at this place… I received a challenge that I am going to give to you. 
Joe White, spoke at the Ignite Men’s conference and told us that God’s grace was like “tearing up the scorecard” in the game of golf.
[Tweet “”God’s grace is like tearing up the scorecard” – Joe White @Kanakuk”]
Do you need that kind of grace today?  Do you need to “tear up the scorecard” that you have been keeping on yourself and others?  Jesus died on the cross to cover our sins, mistakes and failures.  Why to we insist on keeping a negative score?
We don’t have to go forward living under the weight of the scorecard.  TEAR IT UP TODAY!
Live in the freedom that Jesus bought you on the Cross and have a great day!

  • Brian

Why Easter is Essential to my Business…

EasterI love this time of year!  As I sit outside this afternoon and enjoy the first warm breezes of spring, I contemplate this upcoming Easter weekend.  It is a busy few days for us.  Our church is hosting an Easter Dinner Theater to share the life changing good news about Jesus with our community.  We have been involved in different ways through the years.
In years past, Victoria directed the production and I was support for the demanding schedule that she had to run.  This year is different… the girls are older and they are serving as backstage crew and wait staff, I am on the prayer team and
Victoria is holding down the fort at home.
Therefore, I have a little more time to reflect on Easter and the significance of what we are celebrating, than I have had in the past.  I am in a season of growing in my understanding of how my work fits into God’s plan to bring salvation to the world.
Easter is the time where we celebrate the fact that Jesus died to pay the price for our sin, which we could not pay, and open the door for us to be restored to right relationship with God.  It is the opportunity of freedom to those who have been in bondage to the destructive nature of sin in their lives.  It is the path to restoration of relationships, healing of disease, and peace for our souls.  And ultimately Jesus extends to us the free gift of salvation from the eternal consequences of our sin.

It is out of this perspective that I share my list of “Why Easter is essential to my business” (And my life)…

  • Jesus broke the power of sin over my life, which includes the curse of sin that makes work a burdensome toil.  Therefore, I am free to pursue work that is enjoyable, meaningful, provides for my needs and makes a positive impact on the world around me.
  • If I can trust Jesus with the salvation of my soul, then I can also trust Him with my life.  Therefore, I don’t have to be beaten down and burdened by the struggles of life and the challenges of business.  He is there to help me and He is working things out to my benefit.
  • Life has greater meaning and purpose than just being successful or making money.  Jesus sacrifice and resurrection was pivotal moment in God’s plan to bring salvation to the world.  Today, my life, and my work, is part of that plan.  There is no differentiation between the secular and the sacred.  My business is a part of God’s greater purposes and plans.
  • Sin is destructive.  The patterns of sin will ultimately destroy the success of my business.  Through Jesus I have freedom to live a different way.  This allows me to truly love and care for those I do business with.  This care builds value over time rather than sacrificing long term value for short term gain.

[Tweet “In Jesus there is freedom for your Life and Business!”]
I want you to know, that if you feel like you are stuck or in bondage in any area of your life, including your business, there is freedom in Jesus Christ.  He holds the power to help you break free and live the abundant life that you were created for.  All you have to do is surrender yourself to Him and allow Him to guide your steps.
May this Easter signal a time of new life for you and your business!

  • Brian

25: Town Hall – You Were Created for More!

EP. 25On today’s Town Hall meeting I share some of my story as I learned to step out of my box and pursue my true calling. I will be sharing with you six steps to help you find your own personal calling. Whether you are living your calling or aren’t quite there yet, I believe that you were created for more.
“The revitalization of small business is also a revitalization of the family.  The integration of biblical principles in today’s business as well as today’s family is much needed.  Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.”  ~ Anthony Witt

 Biblical Entrepreneurship

 “Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you do not know if profit will come from one activity or another – or maybe both.”  ~Ecclesiastes 11:6

 In order for a business to be successful it is a good idea to have a business plan, but before that you need a life plan.  You need to understand what you were created to do.
  • Do you know what your life is to be about?
  • Do you know what you want your life to look like?
  • Do you know what your purpose and your calling is?
You need to build your business to serve the purposes and plans for your life, not the other way around. 

Six Steps to Finding Your Calling

  1. Understand what a “calling” is – It is the unique place in God’s purpose and plan of redeeming the world and showing His glory that your were created to fill.
  2. Embrace the Journey, not the destination.
  3. Take a deep look inside.
  4. Lean into the resistance. 
  5. Let go of something you are holding onto.
  6. Take action to move forward. If we aren’t moving forward, God can’t direct our steps.

Tweetable Quotes

  •  [Tweet “You need to build your business to serve the purposes and plans for your life, not the other way around. “]
  • [Tweet “Before you have a business plan you need to have a life plan.”]
  • [Tweet “Even if you are living your calling, you were created for more.”]
  • [Tweet “Embrace the Journey, not the destination.”]
  • [Tweet “Lean into the resistance.”]
  • [Tweet “If we aren’t moving forward God can’t direct our steps.”]


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