Would Anyone Miss Your Business if it was Gone?

Wow that is a tough question…


Would anyone miss your business if it was gone?
Would they be disappointed?
Would they stand up and scream?
Would they go to the wall to save you?
Or are you standing in a business all set up with products and services and no customers?

Photo Credit - Matthew Hine

Photo Credit – Matthew Hine

I have been there.  I have experienced the disappointing emotions when no none comes in the store or the phone doesn’t ring.  It isn’t any fun.

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Here are a few examples of businesses that I would miss if they were gone..  This morning I picked up a coffee from Trager Brothers, a local roaster.  Their coffee is the best and I would miss it if it was gone.  Yesterday, I listened to the “This is Your Life” podcast from Michael Hyatt.  His content is great and I would miss it if it was gone.  Everyday I use my IPhone.  This product makes my life easier, helps me connect with people, and puts valuable information at my fingertips.  I would miss it if it was gone.
I am sure you can think of examples from your own life.  When a business truly makes our lives better, we care about it and will go the extra mile to make sure that it survives and thrives.

Here is a recent story about a small local restaurant.

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – It was a full house at Sparky’s on Saturday, the landmark restaurant has been on Taunton Ave in East Providence nearly a century.
After NBC 10’s interview with owner George Watts about his concern he would have to close aired, the outpouring of support he has received has been tremendous and emotional; as Watts told NBC 10 “the support has been unbelievable, it’s great, people are great”
Watts extremely grateful; he’s already started making cosmetic changes, and is planning making more practical changes as well like accepting credit cards and expanding his menu.
After NBC 10’s story aired word spread like wildfire on social media, and this event was planned to drum up support.
It brought back former customers like Janet Kowalski, who said that she “saw it on facebook, and I wanted to come down and support, it’s been around a long time, I hate to see it go.”
Source WKRG News 5


So here is the next big question…

How do you create this kind of support for your business?

The answer is simple yet profound…  Make your business about your customers, not your product.  So many small business owners get this backwards.  They make the mistake of putting all there efforts into developing their product and then trying to find customers.  Instead, we need to determine who are target customers are, figure out what they need and then deliver it.
If you focus on knowing what makes your customers tick you will create a business that they can’t live without.  If they can’t live without your product or service, they will spend their money to make sure you thrive.
If you are truly dedicated to creating products / or services that solve the problems of your clients and make their lives better, they will miss you if you are gone.
This is the challenge.  Lay down your own agenda, and think about your customers.  Write a description of who they are, conduct a survey, ask them questions… Do whatever it takes to truly understand their problems and needs.  Then you will be prepared to deliver a solution and experience success you never thought possible.
Few, business will do this.  It is your opportunity to stand out.  I know you can do it.

What are the products and services you can’t live without? Why?

Share your thoughts in the comments below


Library – Tribes, We need you to lead us – Seth Godin

Tribes-GodinMy desire is to put good resources in your hands and make you successful.  I am currently reading “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.” by Seth Godin.  This is an amazing little book.  I believe it should be required reading for every business owner and entrepreneur.
The world is rapidly changing.  The explosion of technology, information, and communication through the internet is amazing.  It has created opportunities that never existed before.  Just like when TV and Radio opened up a new form of communication and created wealth and opportunities, we are seeing the same thing through the internet.

A tribe is any group of people, large or small who are connected to one another, a leader and an idea.  For millions of years, humans have joined tribes, be they religious, ethnic, political, or even musical (think the Deadheads).  It’s our nature.

Now the Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost and time.  All those blogs and social networking sites are helping existing tribes get bigger and enabling new tribes to be born – groups of ten or ten million who care about their iPhones or a political campaign, or a new way to fight global warming.

Who is going to lead these tribes?

The web can do amazing things, but it can’t provide leadership.  That still has to come from individuals – people just like you who have a passion about something.  Anyone who wants to make a difference now had the tools at her fingertips.

-Excerpt from the Book Jacket

For those of you who desire to follow your dreams, passions, skills and abilities to realize your destiny, ultimately you will need to lead a “Tribe” to turn that passion into your career.  You may not feel like a leader.  But in the words of John Maxwell, “Leadership is influence,” nothing more, nothing less.  Start by connecting with those who value your influence and grow from there.